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Author Simbi Animashaun

Empowered & Inspired Book Lovers

Welcome! Established in December 2021, Empowered & Inspired Book Lovers aims to provide a space where women can bond, feel comfortable expressing themselves (without judgment), and empower and inspire each other through books, wine, and conversations. Every meeting, we also discuss important topics, such as starting businesses, generational wealth, fitness goals, mental health, growth mindsets, accounting, trying new things and places, etc. This book club consists of a diverse group of intellectual, educated, and driven black female leaders! We are all motivated to empower, inspire, and lead change in today's society! 

Meetings will take place on the 3rd Sunday in January, March, May, July, September, & November. 

*Note: Beginning December 2022, there will be annual membership dues. It is $120 per year, which covers the cost of hosting book club meetings. Contact Simbi Animashaun if you need to set up a payment plan. Membership dues must be paid by January 1 via Zelle (216-264-9529) or PayPal. 

Pay Your Annual Membership Dues

Current Members

Simbi Animashaun

Adrienne Burke 

Shenae Dennard

Brazil Jackson

Kim Roberts

Toni White 


This was my very first book club meeting, and it went better than I imagined! Not only did we discuss the book that was selected, but we connected the book to our lives today! We also discussed self-care tips and completed activities related to the book. I'm ready for the next book club meeting. I'm happy to be a part of Empowered & Inspired Book Lovers.

~Melody Evans

March 19, 2022

The Empowered & Inspired Book Lovers book club is a wonderful group of women to be a part of! I truly enjoyed the first book club meeting. I was intrigued to attend my first book club meeting and it was everything I could've imagined and more! We discussed topics and events that were so relatable. My favorite aspect of the meeting was the opportunity to write an encouraging and motivating message to a fellow member. If you're looking for a group of optimistic, welcoming, and encouraging women - this is the book club for you!

~Aminat Animashaun

March 23, 2022